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Car insurance can now cost big money, especially if you are a young driver.
The only form of insurance that your are required to have by law is car insurance, but costs for car insurance are constantly rising and it is costing more and more to get insured on a car. One of the reason for the
Some of the reasons for the increase in car insurance are to do with the culture that we are starting to find ourselves in nowadays. Lots of people no when involved in a crash, even if it is only a slight bump are claiming compensation for things like whip lash. It is the insurance companies that have to pay out these claims and with more and more people doing it the insurance companies are having to charge us more as they themselves are having to pay out more. Another factor driving up the cost of car insurance is the amount of people who are driving without any car insurance, and it is estimated that as many as 1 in 20 people drive without car insurance!

Tips to save on car insurance
When looking for car insurance make sure you shop around, there can be huge savings to be made by comparing quotes from different insurance companies.
Don't just phone the insurance companies, get quotes online too. Even if you have phoned an insurance company check to see if you can order online, in many cases you can save 10% off the bill simply by sorting your car insurance online!
When your insurance is due for renewal make sure you check out other insurance companies prices, that extra bit of time just one day in the year could save you hundreds or more £'s.

There are some factors you should consider when getting car insurance, that could help reduce the cost of car insurance.

Garage - If you have a garage you should keep your car in it when it's not in use, if you don't have a garage and just a drive then you should park your car on this and avoid if possible parking it on the road.

Alarm & Immobiliser - If your car is not fitted with an alarm and or immobiliser then it is an idea to get one fitted. It's quite obvious but this is going to deter from your car getting stolen, which in turn should reduce how much you pay for your car insurance!

Excess - The more you are willing to pay as Excess in the event you need to make a claim reduces the amount you will pay on your car insurance. The Excess is the amount you will have to pay on any claim, so the higher this amount the less risk to the insurance company for minor accidents.

Claims - You should think carefully before making a claim to your insurance company. Any claim you make will put up your insurance, especially for young drivers it can make a huge difference!

Pass Plus - This is a scheme that takes new drivers and gives them extra lessons to learn more driving skills

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