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Going to the cinema is something that many people enjoy doing but it can be quite costly, especially if there are a number of you going. Adult cinema tickets can cost anything from £4 to £10 each.
It is possible to get free cinema
tickets now if you can go at specific times at selected cinemas.
Quite often now I come across free preview screenings of films at a selected set of cinemas for a certain screening time. This could well be just one day that they are available, and providing you are willing to maybe go a bit further to a cinema that you don't usually go to then tickets to see a film can be saught out for free.
For more information, and listings of preview screenings check back here or on the forum. Quite often there isn't much time from the promotion coming available for the free preview cinema tickets to the film being shown so it is worth checking quite regularly for any that are available.

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