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Depending on where you go, what your situation is (i.e. mature student or school leaver, married, working, have a child etc) it can cost more or less to enrol on a college course. We aren't suggesting you go out and have a baby to reduce your college fees as a baby will cost allot of money and time to have anyway.

Many colleges have a student advice burea which is probably your best port of call to get professional advice on your specific situation. It is always worth asking (as many colleges are also able to offer financial help) if you can apply for financial aid to help pay for your course.

Free online courses
If all these are not an option then you can still get a completely free course in a range of subjects and areas by applying with Creating Careers. What makes this offer a free set of courses even better is that you also don't have to leave home (so you can save on petrol) and can do all your studing and learning from home. All the resources are available online through the internet and you get full support from your online tutor who is available just a click away so there is no need to worry who to go to if you have a problem or are stuck!

These free courses are as I said in a number of areas and subjects that are listed below.

Get ahead at work
Finding your dream job
Succeeding at work
Emotional Intelligence
Call centre skills
Equality and Diversity
Excel in IT
First steps in IT
Next steps in IT
Web Entrepreneur
Wizard on the Web
Start a business
Live smart
Money management
Get active
Healthy living
Sports coaching

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