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With movies seemingly constantly coming out and then hitting the shelves for rental it can cost quite a bit if you are a movie buff and like to watch them all. Well this latest money saving tip is a great way to watch all these movies for free (well, you can have a few months worth of movie watching for free anyway).
There are more and more online movie rental sites springing up all wanting you to use them as your source for your DVD and video movie rental. The good thing is, to get you to try out their service many are giving you 14 days or one months free trial of the service, so you can try out having the movies off them for a month without paying anything, then, if you don't like their service or would like to try out another company you can then try out their free offer too.
As there are quite a number of these companies about you can try them out for free (if they have this offer) untill you find one which you like the service from.
If you then find one which you like you can sign up and use their service. Each one will have different rules, but usually you can pay a set fee every month and then you can rent as many movies as you want each month (you may only be allowed maybe 3 at any one time) and then you can watch them in your own time with no rush before sending them back in the pre-paid envelope, you then get more sent out. Make sure you read the terms and conditions if joining as a paid member. Many will let you leave at anytime and cancel your membership so you are not tied down!

For a more detailed run-down of what sites are offering free movie rental check out Free Movie Rental for a list of all the offers available.


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