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Everyone likes something for nothing, which basically means we all love a nice freebie, and quite often we don't mind what it is as long as it's free.
Obviously getting free stuff is a great way to save money, especially if it is something that you will actually use and have use for!

Free stuff is available from a wide range of places and it comes in many shapes and forms, lots of companies may have launched a new product and what you to know about it and try it in the hope that when you do you will like it and buy it again in future, so now is the time to fill your pockets with all things free!

A great place to start is on the free stuff section on the forum, this is a great place to post any freebies you find and to get your hands on those that others have found, other great places to visit our listed above in the green box and these sites specialise in finding free stuff.
We also have a section dedicated to discount vouchers and money off coupons

Here are some free stuff to get you on your way:

Free online courses

Free Movie Rental

Head and Shoulders Free 75ml Travel Size bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo

Walkers Free Walk-O-Meter

Readers Digest Free copy of the Readers Digest magazine


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