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There is no getting away with the need that you have to do your grocery shopping. One way to save on this would be not to do any, but then you'd have nothing to eat and starve, so the next best thing is to be clever when and where you do your shopping.

Save money Grocery shoppingFor people who don't have a car or can't drive it can be costly having to catch the bus or pay for a taxi (and not easy to carry lots of bags around) so doing your grocery shopping online is one way to get rid of this extra expense and trouble. There are a number of online grocery shopping sites, such as Iceland and Tesco who offer free home delivery providing you spend over a certain amount with them.

Other ways to save are by looking out for offers when you are going round the supermarket (or the online version might have a section of current offers so you can easily see them all) such as buy one get one free, money off, buy 2 get 1 half price and those sort of things. You can also spot these offers as you watch TV and they come up on the adverts, also many supermarkets have leaftlets dropped through your door eaither weekly or every other week high lighting what they currently have on offer.
You have to be carefull though, the supermarkets run these offers to get customer to buy them, if you are really serious abotu saving your money and cutting down your food shooping bill then don't get sucked into them all, just go for the one's you are really interested in and would possibly buy even if they weren't on offer. There is no harm even buying a few extra providing you have the space in your house to store some. If some tea or coffee or even cereals you like are on offer at buy 1 get 1 free, why not, so if say you go through a box of cereals a week, you could perhaps buy 3 boxes and get an extra 3 free, meaning you then have 3 weeks worth of free cerals to eat (It is worth making sure you read some of the small print on the offers, as some are limited to a certain amount per transaction).

You find that most of the larger supermarkets at least usually have an offer on most product types, so I suppose that as long as you don't mind perhaps not having your usual product brand and would try another that you could end up with quite a number of reduced or extra free products in your shopping trolley.

One thing to bear in mind is "short term loss, long term gain". Basically what I mean by this isn't really long term as in years down the line, but maybe a few weeks down the line. If you decide to take up the offers of the products you need all in one go, you may find that your shopping bill might not look much better than it usually does, or depending if you actually "buy in bulk" and get more of each of the products it could well even be more than you usually spend, but then the next time for maybe the next 3 or 4 or even more weeks you won't need to buy these products so you will be saving money.

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