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The days where it cost loads of money to use the internet have now gone. I remember paying hundreds of £s on the phone bill each quater as I could only pay per minute.

Luckily more competition came and internet connection prices came down, and now it is gettign to the stage where you can get a broadband connecion for nearly the same price as an ordinary dial up connection (but be able to surf and download 10 or 20 times faster).

There are those who may not use the internet much and would be quite happy with a service just to use at the evenings and weekends, you can now get these sort of deals for about £6 or £7 per month. Alternatively there are "anytime" packages which allow you to surf anytime of the day or night for a set fee, ranging from about £13 to £16 per month.
If however you want to be able to download and surf the internet faster then you might consider broadband. There are cheap broadband deals out now starting at around £17.99 per month. When you do select a cheaper broadband deal make sure you check out how much bandwidth (basically how much you can download) you are allowed per month. Some of the cheap broadband deals limit you to a certain ammount, but if you aren't a huge downloaded they could well be fine for your needs anyway. Check our cheap broadband page for more information


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