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Mobile phones are an easy way that people can get huge bills and end up spending lots more than they actually want to.
There are 2 different ways you can get charged by using a mobile phone, the first is "pay as you go" and the other is contract where you pay monthly.
Pay as you go mobile phones are a good way to make sure you know exactly where you are upto with spending. If you are a light mobile phone user and don't often use one then pay as you go is probably the way to go.
If however you use your phone more often and send and make a number of calls and text messages most days then a contract phone might work out the cheapest option.
Contract phones usually give you an allowance of minutes to call on each month and maybe some text messages are included too (depending on how you use your phone, text message deals are available for those who send more messages) and you pay a monthly fee, usually starting at around £15 per month and then the more you pay per month you will increase the number of minutes and or text messages you are entitled to. Once these minutes and messages are used up you will then start having to pay extra on your bill for all the useage you have over you limits, this is why it is very important when choosing your mobile phone tariff to get one that will cover your usual usage per month.

The trick when it comes to buying a contract phone is quite simple and pretty obvious really, take a look around and see what compnaies have to offer and which one suits you best. Most contracts are made up mainly of calling time, but if however you send lots of text messages then the place that offers the best texting deals are O2 (they have special online deals). We reccommend you buy online as compared to the high street companies don't have to pay for the up keep of a shop with their online business so they themselves are saving money which in turn means they can offer more competitive deals than a company on the high street can. This also includes high street companies who have a website, you will more than likely find a better deal on their website that you would in their shop.

To keep costs down even more when getting a contract phone you can get a free handset, this may mean you don't get the very latest out this month phone, but with most deals you are able to get a decent camera phone for free and even some extra freebies like handsfree or a case.

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