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If you save on how much energy is needed in your home, then you will also save on how much you spend!

There are things that you can do right now (well not right now, as you have to read this first, but in 5 minutes then) around your house that can easily save you plenty of money each year. Quite a few of these things which many of you might already do and probably only take up a few seconds of your time every day. I will list these ideas below so they are easy to check. (Visit British Gas section on energy saving where some of theis ideas were spotted)

  • Only fill the kettle with enough water for the amount of cups needed and no more (it uses more energy to warm water that won't be used)
  • Put the lid on saucepans when cooking with them (this will keep the heat in) and when anything begins to boil turn down the heat (this will maintain temperature without wasting energy)
  • Allow warm things to cool befor eputting them into the fridge or freezer (they will warm the temperature up otherwise meaning it has to work harder to get it down again)
  • Turn the heating down if a room feels too warm
  • Set your heating to come on 30 minutes before you get up in a morning and then again 30 minutes before you go to bed at night.
  • Any rooms in the house which aren't used turn the heating down in these rooms
  • Baths use 5 times more hot water that is used when you have a shower so if possiblt use a shower
  • If you have a bath, someone else can use it after you (as long as your not mean and take too long)
  • Close your curtains at night especially in winter (make sure they don't cover the radiator so the heat doesn't go behind them), the thicker the curtains the more heat you will retain in the room
  • Get double glazing fitted as about 20% of heat is lost through the windows
  • Draft excluders for doors and windows
  • Get insulation around hot water pipes, immersion heater, hot water tank and in the loft.
  • If your not using something, such as the TV, radio turn them off (don't put on standby)
  • Fit energy efficient light bulb

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