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Mobile phone SMS text messages can quite easily add up once you start sending a few, and unless you have a mobile phone that includes plenty of free text messages then you can easily be spending lots of money on text messages. Text messages range in price between the different mobile network operators, but on average cost about 10-12p for each one you send.

There are a few things you can do to reduce how much you spend on text messages:-

  • Get a mobile phone contract that gives you plenty of text messages included, such as buying from the O2 website as they have deals with upto 1000 text messages a month.
  • Sign up with Red Alertz, they allow you to send 60 free SMS text message each month online.
  • Learn how to use txt tlk (text talk). Basically to save on the number of characters you need to write a message and be able to fit more into it without having to send another one use text message abbreviations, such as ones we have listed below
Abbreviation Meaning Tips on texting
2 to/two  

Many people have now got sending text message down to an art, and if you think about it when you are writing a text message you can probably figure out some ways to shorten it without making it un-comprehensible.

Simple things such as not putting a space after a comma or full stop save extra characters, I know it's not the best way to go about being gramatically correct but the idea here is ways to save on how much yuo spend on text mesasages, and if shortening words and altering words means you can send less SMS text messages then thats saving you money.

CU L8R M8 =
See you later mate (9 charcters saved)

THNQ 4 ur hlp.CU 2moro = Thank you for your help. See you tommorrow (20 characters saved)

4 for/four  
B be  
C see  
R are  
U you  
M8 Mate  
L8 Late  
L8R Later  
GR8 Great  
2Day Today  
2Moro Tommorrow  
BCNU Be seeing you  
IMHO In my honest opinion  
LOL Laugh Out Loud  
NE Any  
NE1 Anyone  
NO1 No one  
R U OK Are you OK?  
THNQ Thank you  
T2UL8R Talk to you later  
Wan2 Want to  
WER R U Where are you?  
XLNT Excellent  



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