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According to one company who specialise in getting tax refunds they estimate that 1 in 3 of the UKs 30 million tax payers may be due a tax rebate. This can equate to £££'s that is actually yours but isn't actually in your hands or bank account but with the Inland Revenue.
With the amount of people who could possibly be entitled to a tax refund being so high there is a good chance that you, or someone in your house or family could be one of them.

It is your own responsibility to claim and tax refunds that may be owed to you, the Inland Revenue may not come and inform you if you are paying too much tax or are owed some back so it is vital that you do this yourself, bets of all, you can now check for free if you are due a tax refund

Refunds Direct have been set up to help you claim any tax back that may be owed to you, you can take their free 60 second survey to see if you are entitled to money back, you've got nothing to lose, but potentially plenty of £'s to gain!


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